Macro Economics

This eCourse covers 100% CBSE Syllabus and Complete concepts of NCERT 2019-20.

It includes topic wise objective type questions (Fill in the blanks, Multiple choice, true/false), Chapter wise Test along with Marking Scheme, Mock Boards with blue printsDownloadable assignment, complete e-book.

This includes video lectures of all the important concepts and also on Demand.

Well Researched Content

Content developed by Authors having combined teaching experience of more than 100 years.


According to CBSE Notifications, Objective Type Questions would carry 25% of total Marks. Each Chapter is followed by Quizzes carrying objective type questions.


Complete Syllabus Coverage issued by CBSE for Session 2019-20.

Teachers Support

Unmatched teacher supports by providing completely editable chapter wise tests, Terminal Exams, Mock Boards along with their marking scheme, without any watermark or logo on Demand.


We understand importance of NCERT in Class XII, Our eCourse covers every small aspect of NCERT. Along with separate section of Question Answers.

Tests and Mock Boards

Students can give chapter wise test and get marking scheme. 5 Mock Boards, Uploaded answer sheets would be evaluated by experience CBSE Teachers.

Upload Your Tests and papers.

Self Global School evaluates it’s students on the basis on concepts, writing-skills, knowledge and content. Students can upload their Tests for evaluation.

An Engaging Course Material.

Every Lessons contain multiple topics followed by Acid Tests Quizzes to evaluate the knowledge.

Complete Freedom

E-Course is Synonym of Complete Freedom, You can decide your pace of learning (Be it fast or Slow)

Students are allowed to ask doubts on Whatsapp, Teachers would solved each doubt. 

What students and Teachers say!

Only One Sentence, Here learning is addictive and engaging due to quizzes.
Freya Sanz
Self Global school is the space shuttle for my journey from mediocre to topper.
Mark Ficher
I get more time for myself as whole Economics Department of Self Global school taking care of Tests, Semester Exams and Pre-Boards along with marking scheme.
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