Business Studies Part I
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Advantages to the Marketers

  1. Enables Marking Product Differentiation: Branding helps a firm in distinguishing its product from that of its competitors. This enables the firm to secure and control the market for its products.
  2. Helps in Advertising and Display Programmes: A brand aids a firm in its advertising and display programmes. Without a brand name, the advertiser can only create awareness for the generic product and can never be sure of the sale for his product.
  3. Differential Pricing: Branding enables a firm to charge a different price for its products than that charged by its competitors. This is possible because if customers like a brand and become habitual of it, they do not mind paying a little higher for it.
  4. Ease in Introduction of New Product: If a new product is introduced under a known brand, it enjoys the reflected glory of the brand and is likely to get off to an excellent start. Thus, many companies with established brand names decide to introduce new products in the same name. For example, Food Specialties Ltd. had a successful brand Maggie (Noodles), which extended this name to many of its new products introduced such as Tomato Ketchup, Soups, etc. Similarly, Samsung extended the brand name of its Television to Washing Machines and other durable products, like a Microwave oven.