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Occupational Structure

Occupational Structure refers to the aggregate distribution of  occupations in society, classified according to skill level, economic function, or social status. “

Occupational structure of India on the eve of independence.
  • The agricultural sector accounted for the largest share of the workforce at a high of 70-75%.  It indicates a backward occupational structure.
  • The manufacturing and the services sectors accounted for only 10% and 15-20% respectively.
  • There was growing regional variation, parts of the Madras Presidency(comprising areas of the present-day states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka), Bombay and Bengal witnessed a decline in the dependence on the agriculture sector and a commensurate increase in the manufacturing and the services sectors. 
  • However, there had been an increase in the share of the workforce in agriculture during the same time in states such as Orissa, Rajasthan and Punjab.