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Personal Selling

Personal Selling: Definition
Personal selling refers to a personal form of communication between the seller and the prospective buyer. This is one of the traditional forms of promotional tool wherein the salesman interacts with the customer directly by visiting them. It is a face to face interaction between the company representative and the customer with the objective to influence the customer to purchase the product or services.

Merits of personal selling

  • It is a flexible tool of promotion.
  • It seeks to provides direct feedback from the prospective buyers.

Features of Personal selling

  • Involves personal form of communication.
  • May lead to the development of long-term relationship between the company and a buyer.

Qualities of a Good Salesman

  • He should have a neat and tidy appearance.
  • He should be decently dressed up and carry himself well.
  • He should be cheerful and confident in his dealings.
  • He should be able to communicate assertively.
  • He should be alert and intelligent so that he is able to mould his sales talk as per the need of the situations.
  • He should also possess good knowledge about the product that he is selling.