Business Studies Part I
Business Studies Part II

Question Paper

1 Mark Questions

Q1 Sunita took her niece, Aishwarya for shopping to ‘Benetton’ to buy her a dress on the occasion of her birthday. She was delighted when on payment for the dress she got a discount voucher to get 20% off for a meal of Rs. 500 or above at a famous eating joint.
Identify the technique of sales promotion used by the company in the above situation

Q2 Mansi took her niece Ridhima for shopping to ‘Mega Stores’ to buy her a bag for her birthday. She was delighted when on payment of the bag she got a pencil box along with the bag free of cost. Identify the technique of sales promotion used by the company.

Q3 Good Living Ltd. manufactures mosquito repellent tablets tables. These tablets are packed in strips of 12 tablets each. Each of these strips is packed in a cardboard box, 48 such boxes are then placed in a big corrugated box and delivered to various retailers for sale. State the purpose of packaging the tablets in a corrugated box.

Q4 Shreemaya Hotel in Indore was facing a problem of low demand for its rooms due to off¬season. The Managing Director (MD) of the hotel, Mrs. Sakina was very worried. She called upon the marketing Manager, Mr. Kapoor for his advice. He suggested that the hotel should announce an offer of ‘3 Days and 2 nights hotel stay package’ with free breakfast and a one-day religious visit to Omkareshwar and Mahakaleshwar Temples. The MD liked the suggestion very much. Identify the promotional tool which can be used by the hotel through which a large number of prospective pilgrimage tourists all over the country and abroad can be reached, informed and persuaded to use the incentive.

Q5 What is the societal concept of marketing?

5 Marks Questions

Q6 Nischay, after completing his master’s in computer engineering decided to start his own business. Fie visited his uncle Mr.Jaiprakash who has been running a successful business in web designing. Fie shared with Nischay that the main reason for his success in the business lies in his approach of building a lifetime relationship with his clients. Therefore, his business is not only restricted to designing web sites according to the specifications of the clients but also providing continuous online assistance to them and handling their grievances effectively and doing all this at a profit. lie provides these services at competitive prices. Anybody interested in getting web solutions can contact him through his website. Moreover, whenever the market is sluggish he tries to create demand by offering short-term incentives to the buyers.

In the context of the above case:

  1. Define the term ‘Marketing Management’.
  2. Briefly explain the various elements of the marketing mix being pursued by Mr. Jaiprakash by quoting lines from the para.

Q7 ‘Shudh Hava Ltd/ is engaged in the manufacturing of air conditioners and desert coolers. The company offers a wide range of products to meet the requirements of people from varied income groups. Recently the company has developed a new product, an air purifier that improves the quality of air by filtering out all allergens and microbes. The company introduced the product on two variants namely ‘NanoTech’ and ‘NanoTech Premium’. In order to persuade people to buy the product, it is offering easy payment options in equal monthly installments for different time periods. Moreover, every buyer will be offered ‘scratch a card’ option to win instant gifts like decorative items, T-shirts, etc. The company is also planning to organize competitive events based on skill and luck in various malls in different cities.

In the context of the above case:

  1. Name and explain the ‘type of promotion strategy’ adopted by the company to boost the sales of air purifiers.
  2. Also, identify the various techniques of this promotional strategy being used by the company by quoting lines from the paragraph.
  3. “The company offers a wide range of products to meet the requirements of people from varied income groups.” Name the relevant consumer right being promoted by the company.