Business Studies Part I
Business Studies Part II

Question Paper


Q1  Consumer protection refers to _____________________.

Q2  Manuj bought a packet of chips from a local shopkeeper and found that the ingredients given on the label were not legible. He complained about it to the company. The company sent a written apology stating that they will make sure that existing packets are withdrawn from the market and new packets with legible labels are soon made available. State the consumer right which Manuj exercised.

Q3 Suman bought a box of cheese of a reputed brand from a local shopkeeper. On opening the box, she found a piece of stone in the cheese. She reported the matter to the shopkeeper who forwarded her complaint to the concerned company. Within a week, the representative of the company visited Suman’s residence with an apology and as a replacement offered her a new cheese pack with four other varieties of cheese as compensation for the inconvenience to her. State the consumer right with Suman exercised.

Q4 Sirajuddin purchased a car for Rs. 15 lacs from an automobile company and found that its airbags were defective. After many complaints with the company that went unheard, he filed a case in the District Forum. He was not satisfied with the orders of the District Forum. He then appealed before the State Commission and on being dissatisfied with the orders of State Commission, he appealed before the National Commission. Sirajuddin was not satisfied with the orders of National Commission. Suggest him the highest authority where he could appeal against the decision of the National Commission.

Q5 Ronit Raj, a marketing manager is a patient of diabetes for which he takes medicines regularly. One day, on his tour to Patna, he met with an accident and was hospitalised. Due to doctor’s negligence a delicate nerve of his right leg was cut rendering hum crippled throughout his life. Identify the consumer right that has been violated by the doctors under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 in the above situation.