Business Studies Part I
Business Studies Part II

Question paper

1 Mark Questions

Q.1 Management is ____________.

Q.2 Name any two important characteristics of management.

Q.3 State whether the following statement s true or false: Management has the characteristics of a full-fledged profession.

Q.4 Management is a series of __________ functions.

Q.5 Sidak Garments Ltd/s target is to produce 10,000 shirts per month at a cost of Rs. 150 per shirt. The production manager could achieve this target at the cost of Rs. 160 per shirt. Do you think the production manager is effective? Give reasons for your answer.

Q.6 Ajay and Sanjay are childhood friends. Sanjay had lost his right hand in an accident in childhood. They meet after a long time in a restaurant. On being asked, Sanjay tells Ajay that he feels very discontented in managing his family business after the death of his father as it doesn’t match with his areas of interest. Ajay knows that Sanjay possess extraordinary skills in management although he hasn’t acquired any professional degree in management. Therefore, he asks Sanjay to wind up his business in India and join him in his hotel business in Dubai as an Assistant Manager in Sales and Marketing Division. In context of the above case:

List any two values that are reflected in this act of Ajay.

3 Marks Questions

Q.7 Arundhati has been promoted to the post of Marketing Division Head of a soft drink company. Identify the level of management at which she will be working henceforth. State any four functions that she will have to perform at this level.

Q.8“A successful enterprise has to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently:’ Explain.

Q.9 Co-ordination is the essence of management. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Q.10 Management is considered to be both an art and science. Explain.

5 Marks Questions

Q.11 Dharam is a well-known businessman in the field of publishing. He owes the success of his business to his own education in business management and his team of certified management consultants. Therefore, he decides to send both his children Danush and Damini abroad to acquire a degree in business management in their individual area of expertise. He feels that all over the world there is marked growth in management as a discipline, but still it is not considered to be a full-fledged profession for certain reasons. In the context of the above case:

  • Explain the reasons because of which Dharam considers management as a discipline.
  • Critically examine the various reasons because of which management is not considered to be a full-fledged profession.

Q.12 Esha works as the cost and risk management head of a company in power sector. As a result of her excellent managerial competence, the company is able to reduce costs and increase productivity. The company belongs to infrastructure sector, wherein regular amendments are made in the government regulations and policies. She holds regular meetings to ensure that people in her department are not only aware of the related changes but are also able to adapt to these changes effectively. This helps the company to maintain its competitive edge. She motivates and leads her team in such a manner that individual members are able to achieve personal goals while contributing to the overall organisational objective. In the process of fulfilling her duties for the growth of the organisation, she helps in providing competitive services, adopting new technology, creating more employment opportunities etc. for the greater good of the people at large. In context of the above case:

Identify the various reasons that have made management so important by quoting lines from the paragraph.