Business Studies Part I
Business Studies Part II

Question Paper

1 Mark Questions

Q1 Give the meaning of ‘motivation’ as an element of directing.

Q2 Why is it said that directing takes place where ever superior subordinate relationship exists?

Q3 Mohan and Sohan are friends working in Surya Ltd. as Production Manager and Sales Manger respectively. In an interdepartmental meeting, Sohan informed Mohan about a change in the marketing policy of the company. Identify the type of communication used in the above example

Q4  What are semantic barriers of communication?

Q5 Single Strand Network  __________________________________.

5 Marks questions

Q6 . Explain the principles of Directing.

Q7 Ankur is working as a production manager in an organisation. His subordinate, Saurabh, discussed with him a method of production which will reduce the cost of production. But due to some domestic problems and Ankur’s mind being pre-occupied, he is not in a position to understand the message. Saurabh got disappointed by this. Identify the factor which acts as communication barrier. Explain three other factors of the same group of communication barriers