Business Studies Part I
Business Studies Part II

Question Paper

1 Mark questions

Q1 Hina Sweets is a renowned name for quality sweets since 1935. Harsh the owner of Hina Sweets was worried as the sales had declined during the last three months. When he enquired from the Sales Manager, the Sales Manager reported that there were some complaints about the quality of sweets. Therefore Harsh ordered for sample checking of sweets.

Identify the step taken by Harsh that is related to one of the functions of management.
Planning is looking ahead and controlling is looking back ________.

Q3 An effort to control everything may end up in controlling nothing’. Explain Briefly.

Q4 Management information system _____.

Q5 If anything goes wrong with the performance of key activities, the entire organisation suffers. Therefore, the organisation should focus on them. Explain the statement


5 marks questions


A company was manufacturing LED bulbs which were in great demand. It was found that the target of producing 300 bulbs a day was not met by the employees. On analysis, it was found that the workers were not at fault. Due to electricity failure and shortage of workers, the company was not able to achieve the set targets and alternative arrangements were needed.
To meet the increased demand, the company assessed that approximately 88 additional workers were required out of which 8 would work as heads of different departments and 10 would work as subordinates under each head. The required qualifications and job specifications were also enlisted. It was also decided that necessary relaxations should be given to encourage women, people from backward and rural areas and people with special abilities to assume responsible positions in the organisations. All efforts were made to match the ability of the applicants with the nature of work.

  1. Identify the functions of management discussed above.
  2. State the two steps in the process of each function discussed in the above paragraph.
  3. List any two values which the company wants to communicate to the society.


Raghav started a take away eating joint in a nearby market. His business was doing well. He ensured that the food was properly cooked, a standard taste was maintained, packing of food was done effectively and the orders were executed on time. But unfortunately he met with an accident and was advised three months bed rest. In his absence, his cousin Rohit took charge of his business. When he resumed his work after three months, he realised that his clientele had dropped. The people were not happy with the services as the quality of food had deteriorated and the delivery time for orders had increased considerably. All this was happening because most of his previous staff had left as Rohit used to adopt a very strict and authoritative approach towards them.
In context of the above case:

  1. List any two aspects about his business that Raghav was controlling in order to make it successful.
  2. Explain briefly any two points to highlight the importance of the controlling function.
  3. Name and explain the style of leadership adopted by Rohit.