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Sales Promotion

The sales promotion is the short-term incentives given to the customers to have an increased sale for a given period. Generally, the sales promotion schemes are floated in the market at the time of festivals or the end of the season. Discounts, Coupons, Payback offers, Freebies, etc. are some of the sales promotion schemes. With the sales promotion, the company focuses on the increased short-term profits, by attracting both the existing and the new customers.

Sales promotion refers to the short-term incentives offered by the marketers to promote the sale of their products.

Commonly used Sales Promotion activities:

  • Rebate
  • Discount
  • Refunds
  • Product combinations
  • Quality gift
  • Instant draws and assigned gift
  • Lucky draw
  • Usable benefit
  • Full finance @ 0%
  • Sampling
  • Contests